Easy Cardboard Terrain

Over Thanksgiving break we got a few things accomplished.  First, we built a Tau Stealth Team and used the extra pieces to make a cool objective marker.  The Stealth Team kit seems to have a fair about of extra objects well-suited for objective building.  We also put together two pieces of terrain, made only out of cardboard, masking tape, glue, sand and brown spray paint.  (We do plan to overbrush some green on, though.)  Here are some pictures of the new terrain:

The first piece was a basic ruined building, complete with windows, battle damage and some fallen debris.  The second piece was an area of hills/mounds/slight variation for the board.  I am exceedingly pleased with how easy it was to create this terrain – and quick, too.  Besides waiting for the glue and paint to dry, both pieces altogether took less than two hours to produce.  On the terrain you can see the undercoated contents of the Stealth Team kit – three team members, a markerlight drone, and the objective marker.

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