Finishing Troubles

As our efforts to finish the Tau continue, we gradually complete models and then plan to put some finish on them, to seal them and protect them.  The last time I did this the weather here was still very humid – and the models were terribly frosted!  We lost lots of color and effort.  But thanks to some helpful users on 40kOnline and The Round Table of Bretonnia, I was able to save them today.  Essentially, for this problem, I just sprayed them again, albeit in much better weather.  It completely fixed the issue.  Awesome!

Also today I built, based and undercoated some Men-at-Arms my brothers got me for my birthday.  The start of something glorious!  So included below are pictures of the Men-at-Arms, the saved Tau, and the color scheme plan for the two Men-at-Arms units (planned).

The two planned units are Baron Gilderaux’s Volgiers and the Spears of Sir Mattice.

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