Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghh! Og’Thall

This post is a little overdue.  During Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene I evacuated inland and southwards to a friend’s apartment – the same friend who previously painted an Ork Warboss and Kommando with Big Shoota years ago.  Aaron just recently got back into painting his Ork army.  It is based on the Assault on Black Reach boxed set, and has a strong Blood Axe theme.  He has been gracious enough to send several pictures of his Orks so far, and I think they look pretty awesome.

You may remember the first two (and finished) models, Warboss Og’Thall and Kommando Coco.  He may change the bases to Camo Green, however.

Aaron has been working on painting up his basic boyz (Ork boyz with sluggas and choppas, from the Assault on Black Reach set), and included this multi-angle shot essay of the first completed boy, codename “Weapon X.”

He also included this short of his “Front Nine” – the first 9 boyz he has been painting in one batch.  There will be more updates soon!

In other news, my brothers and I have almost finished painting our 2300 points of Tau and Kroot – and I mean completely finished, final touch-ups, flocking, and varnishing, and everything.  Expect a post on that soon!  Also, we hope to take up to 800 points of those Tau down to visit Aaron and Oggie and play a small escalation campaign…  More soon.

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