Basic Imperial Guard 1000-point List

The Imperial Guard have always been and will always be my main squeeze when it comes to tabletop wargaming.  I have not made any painting progress in a long while I am afraid (in my defense, I have spent the last year working in Kosovo, away from paints and brushes and models) but lately I have been thinking of what force I have available for gaming right now, back in the U.S.  Using pictures from a previous post on this blog (“Painted Imperial Guard Gallery”) I created a 1000 point list for my Imperial Guard army, based on the following Criteria:

  1. Models must be painted (“finished”).
  2. Only Codex-options may be chosen (no Imperial Armor, VDR, etc.).
  3. No guess-work as to “what else might be available.”

The options available were, therefore, unfortunately, rather limited.  However, the list very accurately shows what I have painted (basic infantry, characters) and what I don’t (most of the vehicles and heavy weapons).  I also like this list because I find it somewhat fluffy – lots of basic boots on the ground.  So, here is my 1000 point Imperial Guard list:


Company Command Squad

  • bolt pistol, power weapon, meltagun, flamer, vox-caster: 87 points
  • Nork Deddog: 110 points


  • shotgun: 45 points


First Platoon

Platoon Command Squad (1)

  • bolt pistol, two meltaguns

Squad ‘A’

  • meltagun, vox-caster

Squad ‘B’

  • grenade launcher

First Platoon total: 172 pints

Second Platoon

Platoon Command Squad (2)

  • grenade launcher, missile launcher team

Squad ‘C’

  • grenade launcher

Squad ‘D’

  • plasma gun

Second Platoon total: 170 points

Third Platoon

Platoon Command Squad (3)

  • power weapon, three flamers

Squad ‘E’

  • grenade launcher

Squad ‘F’

  • flamer

Squad ‘G’

  • Commissar with power weapon

Third Platoon total: 260 points

Heavy Support

Leman Russ Squadron

  • One Leman Russ Battle Tank with storm bolter: 160 points

List total: 1004 points

So, what do you think?  Should the Commissar be moved to another platoon?  What about the vox-casters?

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