Would you like a little Campaign, my dear?

Well, of course I know people are out there, but the question is where? Ian and I were talking about it, and we may well run a campaign if anyone is interested. Thusly, if you live near Milwaukee or East Central Indiana, leave a comment here, and we’ll work out how we’re going to do things.

Also, since so much of my traffic comes from BFG searches, if you’re near Milwaukee and want to play BFG, I can dust off my rulebook and try to find all the pieces to my ships.

Of course, if there is no interest, we won’t bother, but if there is…

The campaign would take place in two different systems. Once we have played it for awhile and have built up forces on both sides, we may try to find a place to meet in the middle, and play an apocalypse game. Everything would be posted here, to people informed and hopefully draw more interest. The more the merrier, right?

So let us know. Like, now.


P.S. Don’t forget to see Ian’s “contest,” as well as all the work he’s done over the summer. Stay tuned for more!

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