My early (and comical) entry to Ian’s contest

Ah yes, the “contest.”

Q: What is there to win?

A: Nothing!

Q: What makes it a contest?

A: Quiet you!

So here is my early entry. I figure, if I were a space marine, this is me. Totally. Have you ever had that day at work where you feel like you have to do everything yourself? Happens to me all the time. So I thought, what marine can do everything himself? Presto!


Yes, that is a Dreadnought heavy flamer on a powerfist. Yes, he is holding a plasma gun. And yes, he has a combat knife between his teeth. I like to be prepared. In addition to this, he’s going to have a jump pack.

Q: Why?

A: Because.

Anyway, this was mostly to see if I could pull it off. Yes, yes I can. I’ll be doing some bitz shopping to make an actual entry, and hopefully I’ll have it in before the deadline. If anyone out there has anything that looks like a hoodie, (Or a ‘hooded sweatshirt’ for those of you who may not be familiar with the colloquialism) let me know. I’ll happily purchase some bitz from you. :)

See the post below for the “rules” and don’t forget to build! We wanna see you in a game!


One response to “My early (and comical) entry to Ian’s contest

  1. Well, how can I explain this hilarity.
    I said, “I bet you can’t model a guy with a knife between his teeth.”
    I got a guy with a knife in his mouth, holding a plasma gun and pointing a heavy flamer with a powerfist.
    I’ll be more careful with my words in the future.

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