Announcing: Build Yourself “Contest”

After seeing the Bell of Lost Soul’s post about GW’s Halloween “Streets of the Dead” activity ( ), I feel particularly inspired to build a miniature of myself for similar games.  In order to force myself to get this project done, I am going to invite all of our readers, young and old, to participate in an “Andy’s Blog Contest.”  The following are the basic rules of which I’ve thought.  “Entrants” may submit;

(a) any pictures of a single, non-vehicle model

(b) that is both humanoid* and 40k-centric**, and

(c) that represents the creators persona in some facet.

(d) Entries should be submitted before January 1st, 2009, and

(e) equipment-load out should be legal under some army list***.

( *: if you are a Tyranid Monstrous Creature, Greater Daemon, or C’Tan, please use some manner of possession to incorporate your personage into an approximately humanoid form/size.  Bikes, cavalry, jet packs, Crisis suits, and so forth are acceptable.  **: for at least this first contest I’d like to keep it in the realm of Warhammer 40,000, staying away from WFB, LOTR, etc.  Necromunda would be fine, but let’s not do BFG, except officers on board, etc.  Use your imagination, but keep it within the 28mm 40k universe.  ***: this is meant as a more loose restriction than it might initially seem, but I’d like to stay away from battlecannons or three two-handed weapons, etc.) [Andy Says: Feel free to ignore this one. I know I will. :)]

Submissions will be posted on the blog and, who knows, there might be a winner and that winner might receive something, maybe.  But above all, have fun.  Comment here and we’ll e-mail you to that unpublished address you provide.

This isn’t my entry (but he might be closely related…), so just for inspiration:



4 responses to “Announcing: Build Yourself “Contest”

  1. What a marvellous idea – I shall have a think.

    Upon asking my wife, her helpful reply was “Glasses?”. She’s right, of course, but how the Hell do I get my sausage fingers to model glasses out of green stuff?

    – Drax

  2. Drax,

    For glasses, would the round ends of purity seals work? They may be a bit big, but perhaps they’re do-able.


  3. Cool – thanks. I think a careful bit of drilling through some cross-sections of rod might work too. I’m glad the deadline’s January though!

    I think I’ll be making both me and Drax. He’s not my alter-ego per se, but seeing as he is my online presence I thought I’d give him a whirl, and I’ve a nice idea for a base model and even some rules. As for me? Well – it’ll be quite…me.

    – Drax/me

  4. I like the idea Drax. I was thinking about building a “Major McNicol,” but he belongs to a future army idea. For now I’m focusing on my offline presence, as you suggested, but with guns and ammo…
    My theme is still: Imperial citizen Ian caught in a city of (non-contagious) plague zombies.

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