Army Progress: Kabalites

Joel’s been at work…

What’s that dynamic, unpainted model in the front? None other than the Decapitator himself, of course…

More to come…


2 responses to “Army Progress: Kabalites

  1. Thanks. It’s probably my most heavily converted model out of my DE (other than some CCW alterations, the most I’ve done are the two Lords, really).

    Nifty fact, there’s actually no model for the Decapitator, so if you want one you have to build it yourself. I started with a Warrior body, used a Reaver Jetbike head (the angle of the neck was perfect), and cut/modeled arms/weapons as I saw fit.

    I think that the Decapitator (talking about the weapon) stands out well enough, but the other weapons are nice and wicked in their own right.

    As a further note, all of those headless guys and grey bits have been primed/attatched… hopefully I’ll be able to show you the finished product (of the ‘cappy, anyway) soon.


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