Lieutenants and Sergeants

Instead of posting about models painted since the last update, I thought I’d take a closer look at some special models out of the last batch. So I took some pictures of the Volyak XXI’s three lieutenants and its sergeants. Two sergeants haven’t been painted yet, and neither has the senior leadership of the company. I’ll start out by apologizing for the less than desirable resolution quality. First an image of the entire group:

The aspect I am most pleased with about the sergeants is the conversion work to the Valhallans. The three with straight-edged swords all came kitted with those old, goofy hand flamers, and with some snipping, gluing and painting now two have decent laspistols and one (thanks to the muzzle of a Kroot rifle) has an original bolt pistol.

I am more proud about the three lieutenants. First Platoon is led by Lieutenant Antipov, a classic Mordian Lieutenant with bolt pistol and chainsword.

Antipov takes to battle with carapace armor, a bolt pistol, sometimes meltabombs, usually Iron Discipline and sometimes a Chimera. Second Platoon is led by Lieutenant Porter, whose model features carapace armor, a laspistol, a lasgun, and a shotgun – usually I choose one to game with, and usually it’s the shotgun. He gets Iron Discipline and a Command Section filled up with grenade launchers or plasma guns.

Leading Third Platoon is Lieutenant Sternn, who is designed for close combat with a command section with flamethrowers, a power sword and laspistol, and of course Iron Discipline. Please excuse the feline in the following pictures.

I still have two sergeants to paint up, along with the Captain, Commissar, Priest, Ogryn bodyguard, etc. Soon I hope to have more progress to report on the hordes of basic Guardsmen.

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4 responses to “Lieutenants and Sergeants

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, mate – some smashingly simple and effective conversions there, and it’s always good to see the Mordian Lieutenant model: I was eulogising about it with a friend only last week!

    – Drax

  2. I second that! Nice work on the conversions. Those guys look almost ready to take on the giant furry beast of Chaos behind them in the last few pics. And thanks for the blog plug!

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