Artherian PDF

This weekend I finished painting what amounts to approximately one-seventh of my total Guard force, points wise. This section of my force is a hodge podge of local Planetary Defense Force elements that have been attached to this particular Imperial Guard Company/Regiment.

It’s by no means a complete or valid Force Organization Chart army, but it does have several different elements.
First, the Elephant Mk II support tank, as discussed a few posts before, comes in at around 155 points (using the old Vehicle Design Rules).
Second, the Hermes Fast Attack Vehicle, this model a wooden car I made in Industrial Tech class in 7th grade, using VDR is (an unfortunate) 75 points.
Third: an Earthshaker Platform, a good way to save yourself 50 points on an indirect firing piece of heavy artillery.
Fourth, the two heavy mortar units I built, as discussed previously, although I’m not sure when I’ll have the materials to build them some dedicated artillery crewmen. We’ll call these two together at around 100 points.
Fifth and finally, 10 Guardsmen with autogun and frag grenade equivalents. These models are just some models I got out of an old Vor: The Maelstrom box on a liquidation sale.

The painting scheme is actually very, very simple, and despite its lack of complexity I am pleased enough to move on to other projects. Undercoat: black. Bases are straight up Catachan Green. All models were started with a quick layer of Catachan Green, not completely solid or consistent. Over that went a very watery layer of Goblin Green, which looked very green when wet but dried rather nicely. Details were then picked out with Chaos Black, Dark Angels Green, Codex Grey, Boltgun Metal, Bestial Brown, Dwarf Flesh (to highlight the skin over the brown), Sunburst Yellow and Blood Red. The purple banding, signifying the PDF affiliation, was a simple marking of Liche Purple.
Here’s to the Glory of the Emperor.

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