Eldar Autarch

My Iybraesil Autarch is finished as of today. It was a lot of painting, and in the future I could see myself going back and doing more on highlighting and such, but I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Iybraesil Autarch

Iybraesil Autarch

The paint scheme included a lot of colors. The base was done in two layers of Catachan Green, with some highlighting drybrushes of Goblin Green; the stone was covered in Codex Grey and drybrushed with Fortress Grey. The Autarch’s armor was painted thus: 1) Layer of Blue Ink; 2) Layer of Hawk Turquoise; 3) Another layer of Hawk Turquoise; 4) Highlighting in select areas with Hawk Turquoise/Skull White. The cloak was successive layers of Skull White and the cloth/parchment was Skull White, watered-down Sunburst Yellow, and Bleached Bone (Chaos Black emblem). The faceplate and the background of the runic heirogram on the Jump pack were done with a few layers of Regal Blue. The gems were the same as the Dire Avenger: Blood Red -> Fiery Orange -> Skull White. Fiery Orange eyes, Bestial Brown straps, Chaos Black Avenger Catapult, and lots of Shining Gold and Chainmail for ornamentation.

Iybraesil Autarch (2)

Iybraesil Autarch (2)

Now, any ideas for a name?
Working on: the nine remaining Dire Avengers (with two exarchs), a farseer, and a Falcon Grav Tank. That’s not counting all of the Guard, of course.

2 responses to “Eldar Autarch

  1. He looks good. I’d like to help with the name, but I’m still trying to come up with a suitable name for my Wraith Lords back story, and for the other characters in my Eldar army. I look forward to seeing more, bring on the Dire Avengers!

  2. Looks nice, you can always go back and touch things up. I find my painting has improved in just the last army I did.

    I go back and look and a squad I did only months ago and I think they look terrible.
    Keep up the good work.

    Nicely done Eldar always come out striking looking. I think they are some of the best looking models out there.

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