First Eldar

Today I went through two cans of black spray paint undercoating the Guard, and when I had used up all the paint I still have 21 Guardsmen to do. Then I spent a few hours working on the color scheme for my Eldar Dire Avengers. The end result satisfies me.
My first Eldar!
The painting scheme is more sophisticated than probably any other model I’ve painted with the intent to replicate on other models. The armor is a double layer of Regal Blue with a substantial Enchanted Blue highlight; the plumage is Shadow Grey covered with some old Sky Blue Ink and then select spots of Regal blue; the gun is Chaos Black with Shining Gold details; the helmet and cloth are Skull White with freehand symbols painted in Chaos Black; the gems are Blood Red, Fiery Orange and a dot of Skull White. The base is (I think) Catachan Green with Codex Grey rubble and a few spots of Goblin Green highlights. Overall I am very pleased with the effect.
My First Eldar, close up
This Dire Avenger, like the rest of my Eldar force, comes from an Aspect Temple located on the Iybraesil Craftworld. More on that as it comes together…

3 responses to “First Eldar

  1. Lofty goals! Last year I too did the whole, base and prime dance on my guard army. Close to 150 infantry and almost a dozen vehicles… plus heavy weapons all in a weekend. It was quite the assembly line! And where are they now? In their cases, based and primed, waiting to be painted.

    I do like what you have going on here with your Dire Avenger too. I’m about to start painting a unit of them myself (as soon as life gets the hell out of my way). Mine are going to be a bit out of the norm. The armor will be dark blue, but the helms will be black with deep red crests and tabards. The black and red bits are to tie them more closely with my Altansar Craftworld army. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Looks great… I wish I could keep up on my armies as much as you do with yours… heh.


  3. Wow, 2 cans of paint and you still have guys left! Now I know why I went with Deathwing, I can’t even begin to imagine trying to paint all that.

    I really do feel lazy now.

    I do like the Dire Avenger, you’ve got a nice, clean white there and the sprinkling of gold details gives him a good look. Too bad we can’t see the freehand on the cloth, I know any freehand (especialy on cloth with folds) can be time consuming and difficult to pull off effectively.

    Looks good.

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