Shadow Stalkers of the Kabal of the Twilight Wraith

Presenting: the personal raiding force of the High Lord Archon Khira’lyth.

If you ever need a description of why the Dark Eldar aren’t really “that evil,” just talk to Joel. If you ever want to see a well-painted Dark Eldar force, see him for that, too.
2000 Points
His army is situated around a few Warrior Squads backed up by more warriors entering from Webway Portals – just at the right moment to jump into your gunline. Dark Eldar His other units include some Warp Beasts, some Wyches, and a hard-hitting Reaver Jetbike squad led by a fierce Dracon.
Dark Eldar Warp Beasts
Dark Eldar Wyches Dark Eldar Dracon on Reaver Jetbike
Generally at 2000 points, Joel runs the character on the jetbike as a Dracon, and his on-foot leader as an Archon. The high number of raiders, alongside the jetbikes and webway portal, assures that this army list is extremely fast and hard-hitting. The HQ unit he runs is the Archon (High Lord Archon Khira’lyth, wouldn’t you know) backed up by wicked Incubi. Anti-armor firepower is provided by a Ravager with Dark Lances. Dark Eldar Incubi
Dark Eldar Archon
Dark Eldar Ravager
Joel starts with an undercoat of sprayed-on black, then he does touch ups with Chaos Black. The basic blue is Regal Blue; this is followed by a half-and-half Regal Blue-Ultramarines Blue, then Ultramarines Blue, then Ultramarines Blue-Skull White for the final Highlight. The eyes are Sunburst Yellow, and the metallics are Boltgun Metal highlighted with Mithril Silver.
Dark Eldar Raider
Dark Eldar Wyches (2)
Dark Eldar Beastmaster
Dark Eldar Jetbike Dracon

Joel’s Army List is exactly 2000 points:
+Archon Khira’lyth with Agoniser, Splinter Pistol, Shadowfield, Combat Drugs, Plasma Grenades
+Retinue of 5 Incubi
+Raider with Horrorfex
+9 Wyches with Wych Weapons, Blaster, Shredder, led by a Succubus with an Agoniser and Splinter Pistol
+Raider with Horrorfex
+5 Warp Beasts led by a Beastmaster
+2 Webway Portal Squads, each with 16 Warriors, 2 Splinter Cannons and a Blaster, Sybarite with Poison Blades, Splinter Pistol and Portal
+3 Raider Squads, each with 10 Warriors, a Splinter Cannon and a Blaster, Sybarite with Poison Blades and a Splinter Pistol, and a Raider with Horrorfex
+7 Reaver Jetbikes with 2 Blasters, led by a Succubus with a Power weapon and Tormentor Helm
+2 Ravagers, each with 2 Disentegrators and a Dark Lance

One response to “Shadow Stalkers of the Kabal of the Twilight Wraith

  1. Very nice army! It’s always cool to see another well painted dark eldar army.
    My army is far from being fully painted : (, well I do have valid excuses…
    I have other armies and my DE army is just so freagin huge…

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