Ready for Phase 2

My workspace The first stripped model

After a long weekend of serious work, I have stripped all the models I deemed in need of paint removal, remodeled those that needed it, and reorganized my army list.  I also built two more troopers using spare Guardsmen bits and extra bases.  I am especially proud of one trooper, a shotgun-wielding Sergeant with intent in his motions.

Shotgun-toting This is what I\'m proud of

I was using Chameleon brand model paint remover for most of the work, and on all but my oldest and most difficult models it worked well.  I based my decision on which models to strip and which not to based on how worried I was about losing or obscuring any detail during phase 2: spray painting a new undercoat on the entire army.  With this in mind, I did not strip models with only a light undercoat, nor did I strip any vehicles.  I did, however, perform considerable maintenance on the armored sections of the army.  Part of the forceOn my Leman Russ Exterminator I replaced the old storm bolter with a new heavy stubber, and the old dozer blade with the new one.  I ripped the sponson heavy flamers off another Leman Russ, and gave it smoke launchers.  I modified one of the Chimeras to boast a heavy stubber, and changed a fast attack vehicle – based on a wooden car I made in shop class in middle school – to have different armament.  

2nd Company, Volyak 21, with attachments

The new organization comes to 3407 points total, and was based primarily on the models I had available to me.  The doctrines I selected are: Priests, Storm Trooper Squads, Special Weapon Squads, Iron Discipline, Sharpshooters.  The infantry are of 2nd Company, Volyak XXI Rifles and the armor from the Volyak XVII Armored.  Perhaps in another post I will go into the history and more in depth organization of the force.

So where does that leave me modeling wise?  In the previous image, you can see the sketch book where I have drawn uniform plans for the armor.  Here is a better picture:

Uniform styles .

Hopefully before long I will be able to start spray-painting this horde.  I have the black spray paint ready.  After that, I will have to start purchasing paints to start the long, serious painting.  Please comment with any questions, suggestions, etc.

3 responses to “Ready for Phase 2

  1. That sergeant looks to be on one serious mission. Keep it up, this looks like quite the undertaking :P


    Good luck with this, Matey – I’ve spent the last year gradually revamping parts of my large Guard armies, and I know where you’re coming from. If it’s any help, I’ve found surgical spirit (US: ‘rubbing alcohol’ ) really useful for stripping models – especially with a wire brush to get into the fiddly bits.
    If you don’t mind, I’ll pop a link up to your blog page – I’ve just started posting the bits of mine as I finish them in their revamped state!

    Keep up the good work…

    – Drax

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