majormcnicol’s Fleet

About 5 years ago I ordered the BFG boxed set, and built it up and played some games with the unpainted fleets I had built.  Then at a local hobby store I bought an Emperor Class battleship for 35% off. I undercoated them all with black spray paint, and then they sat in my model cabinet, unused, next to my Imperial Guard and Space Marine armies.  This last weekend, gearing up for a summer of painting madness, I pulled them out and decided to paint them up quickly.  After 20 hours, including breaks, sleeping, and eating, I had finished both fleets.

The paint job was actually very simple.  On the Imperial Fleet, I dry brushed Shadow Grey over the black undercoat; certain areas, then, I painted a solid Shadow Grey, like the weapon battery gun decks and the fighter bays.  The armored prows were painted first with a layer of Skull White and then with two layers of Bleached Bone.  I used Boltgun Metal to pick out all the weapon batteries, lances, nova cannons, the thrusters and the edges of the prow.  Little bits of Skull White were used on the tips of masts and sensor arrays as necessary.  The Chaos fleet went by even faster; dry brushing with Blood Red on the top half of the model and Bestial Brown on the bottom half, the detailing was also done in Boltgun Metal.  The models aren’t masterpieces, but I am very pleased with the results.  The dry brushing worked so well, I think, because the level of detail on the models.

My fleets are as-follows:

Imperial Battlegroup Ascalaphus

+Emperor Class Battleship “Knight of Dankrat”

+Mars Class Battlecruiser “Adepta Justicarus”

+Dominator Class Cruiser “Invulnerable”

+Dominator Class Cruiser “Invincible”

+Gothic Class Cruiser “Hyperion”

+Lunar Class Cruiser “Cerebus II”

Chaos Fleet Kilroy Incursion

-Styx Class Heavy Cruiser “Ändernlieben”

-Slaughter Class Cruiser “Czernobog”

-Murder Cass “Fratricide”

-Murder Class “Brollachan”

Not having any experience at all when building these fleets, and also not willing to spend much money on expanding it (barring the battleship, which I think was a steal), the ship choices was based on what the boxed set suggested in it’s getting started materials.  I also chose a good bit based on what bits were available to me.  In the end, when I was more aware of the rules and all, I fell hard for weapon-battery focused ships, notably the Dominator class, hence the two sister ships.  I would have preferred a Retribution class battleship over an Emperor class, but I don’t mind the ordnance assistance.  Also, the Nova cannons on the Dominator class are a substantial benefit…

One response to “majormcnicol’s Fleet

  1. I agree with you on two key points:

    1) If you’re going to get a battleship, get a Retribution. You will not regret it. Emperor class battleships (which are a major draw to this site, for some reason) really need good support.

    2) Nova cannons are your friend. Use them as often as you can, but don’t forget to keep a good stock of torpedo’s around.

    Otherwise, these are two healthy fleets, and can easily be adjusted to whatever they may face.

    I’m amazed at the time you spent painting the ships… I know they paint fast, but WOW. I honestly think I put 8 hours into my battleship alone. :)

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