Bribery: Not such a horrible thing, methinks.

Okay, so awhile agoI received a bribe. The girlfriend decided that I was complaining about her lack of painting too much, so she bought me a little present. I’m now the proud owner of a Librarian Terminator. Sure, I had no plans for one, but one has to learn to adapt, right? I was hoping to get it done this weekend, but alas, it is not to be. Soon though, soon. For now I have to concentrate on finishing off the pieces that are going in the small army. That means doing the base of the Dreadnought.

I must admit though, I’m excited. I think the Terminators are going to have a different paint scheme.

On a completely unrelated note, If anyone out there wants pictures of their armies posted, send me a message. I’m willing to put it up there for all to see.

3 responses to “Bribery: Not such a horrible thing, methinks.

  1. Good to see BFG/WH40k out there. All too little of it in my opinion.

    Would you object to my dropping in some of my army’s strategy pointers, at some point? If so, that’s cool, it’s your page after all.

    Btw, you are insanely fortunate to have a gamer gf. My wife thinks I’m borderline insane…

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