It’s a good news day.

Now then, I realize it’s been awhile since the last post. I warned you it would happen.

 Great news! The girlfriend finally decided to start painting her Tyranid army. With any luck, I’ll see them before I turn 100. She’s got some great ideas, so I have high hopes for them.

 Oh… and if you have large ammounts of disposable income, (who doesn’t, right?) GW is having a sale at their online store. I was drooling over the Masters of the Chapter set, ($35) while the girlfriend was way more excited about the Endless Swarm – 120 gaunts. ($175) They’ve got more deals there, and it’s worth looking at them anyways. In my case, it’s nice to dream. If anyone buys any of it, post a message and let me know how awesome it is.

 I swear, I don’t work for GW. Sometimes I find it hard to believe.

Thanks for taking the time to look the page over, and double thanks to everyone who has posted a comment. I’m hoping I have more time to post after my midterms.

One response to “It’s a good news day.

  1. I bought a few of the Leman Russ Squadrons and one of the Basilisk batteries, they’re pretty awesome. It’s the full kit x3 and you get an apocalypse sprue in some of them, which offer some pretty neat looking upgrade options for the Tau and everyone else, though the space marine upgrade isn’t too good.

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