Battlefleet Gothic: Emperor Class Battleship

Today’s post is of my Emperor Class Battleship. Unfortunatly, I did not get to prime the Dreadnought yesterday as I thought I would, but rest assured it’s already been done today, and the painting will begin tomorrow. (I always let the primer set for 24 hours… it saves a ton of headache.) This ship was painted years ago, when I first started playing such games. It was the centerpiece of my fleet and usually the largest ship on the table. It was a frequent target of the enemy ships, even though it was not the deadliest ship I possessed. (That would be the Dauntless. I’ll be sure to post about the joys of having them on the table.) Despite all the attention it recieved, it was only destroyed once.

Emperor Class Battleship

It’s actually fairly simply painted, just drybrushed Mithril Silver, Shining Gold details, and the odd touch of Red Gore to match the rest of the fleet. If I had more colors at the time, I would have done more. However, it is still a beautiful piece, and quite intimidating on the board.

 Because I’ve actually used this in many games, I could write quite a bit on how to use it. And I will. In another post.

3 responses to “Battlefleet Gothic: Emperor Class Battleship

  1. I figured I should let you know that when I sought to start Battlefleet Gothic, I stumbled upon this page. I thought your battleship was the best looking ship I’d seen, and your work on it served as the inspiration for how mine turned out. I toss my thanks to you, sir, and I think you did a splendid job.

    If you care to see, here is my Emperor:

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