Space Marine Captain

Today’s picture is of my Captain, who as of yet remains nameless. Unlike the other pieces I’ve posted here, the Captian was basecoated in white. It was an experiment, and I wish I had done it with a different piece.The Captain

In hindsight, I can see where I missed some spots on his hand, and his overall look is very different from the other Marines. But then again I did plan on him being different, I’m just not sure I’m happy with the overall look. I guess I’ll call that lesson learned.

4 responses to “Space Marine Captain

  1. I really like the way you painted the exhaust ports (the eagle heads) on the Captain. It looks to be a good color scheme. Was this from a blister or a boxed set?

  2. Try, idkn, giving this guy a wash with one of the new wash things, the mud colour would maybe work to bring out every tiny details…
    But you’ll have to go back on this and repaint some of the parts as there’s some missing color there.

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